Our History

Msgr. Raymond Memorial School is established and administered by the Bethany Educational Society, a Christian religious minority institution.During the glorious Pastoral Mission of Fr. Raymond at the suburban of Mangalore, he rightly observed that the existing educational system of the church was meant for the upper class and the richer ones of the society. They were away from the reach of the poor, illiterate, peasants of the village. This sympathetic condition of poor folk inspired Fr. Raymond to initiate a community which always hail education for all and for fullness of life. This intention was boosted by his authorities and the pioneers of the community. The seed which was sown by Fr. Raymond has sprouted, grown, and bloomed like a mighty banyan tree which shelters the poor and the needy.

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A teacher is a person who helps the students to acquire knowledge and develop their mind so that they gain wisdom to fight against the evils of the society and survive successfully and make the nation develop and feel proud of them.

Goals and Directions

Our school actively constructs goals and then effectively communicates them to appropriate individuals (e.g., students, teachers, and the community at large). School is also willing to incorporate innovation into goals for school processes and practices.

Secure and Organized

For maximum learning to occur, students need to feel secure. Respect is a quality that is promoted and is a fundamental aspect of an effective and safe school. School also has a number of trained staff who work with difficult or troubled students.


The Congregation of Sisters of Little Flower of Bethany, founded by Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, with the grace of God and the blessing of the pioneers ushered in a community at Chempanoda under St. Mary’s Forane Church Maruthonkara in Thamarassery Diocese on 1st May 2002.

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